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    24" x 36" Mixed media on board. Original painting available at French Quarter Gallery in New Orleans

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    Download this for free and post it around home, office, or city. It makes a difference. Why else would Ukrainian poster artists behind enemy lines be risking torture and death? Nobody speaks for them. Unless you are rich, posters may be your only voice.

    Note: Walta doesn't hereby condone putting them anywhere that is not allowed.Non commercial copyright only (you cant make money off it)

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  • Love and Death

    Available as Print or Hoodie

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  • Love and Death

    Art installation located at 2300 St Claude Ave

  • Beauty and Truth

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  • Mermaid of Liberty 2

    Print - Not yet available online

  • St Victor of Juarez

    From Netflix Narcos MexicoA\

    22" x 16" Acrylilc on canvas


  • Thinking of Crude Things

    16" x 22" Acrylic on cardstock - Homage to one of Walta's favorite artists @crudethings


  • We're Not Racists But

    Installation in Canada. Available as mixed media on board or as TShirt

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  • Hannity Heart

    Installation in Canada. Similar installation also in New Orleans next to the Banksy on St Claude.

  • Fetch Lindsay

    Available as poster, sticker, mug, or TShirt

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  • Bride's Life in Binary

    36"x36" mixed media and acrylic on canvas. Available for sale directly from artist.

  • Justice for Trun

    Text and Photos provided by Trun's Mother - Casa Bean. Free Download

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  • Triptych

    Three pieces approx 34" tall. Acrylic and mixed media on board. Similar piece currently for sale at French Quarter Gallery in New Orleans

  • Roger Stone - GOP Value

    Available as poster, tshirt, sticker or mug or free download.

    Download it for free and email it to a friend 
  • Scorpion Rose

    36"x36" Enamel and graphite on raw canvas. SOLD

  • Land of the Free

    Installation in on downriver side of Audubon Park, New Orleans.

    Its still up as of Oct 2022, but starting to fade

  • See no Evil

    24" x 36"acrylic, paper collage and dog hair on canvas. SOLD

  • Binary Daze

    .24x36 Acrylic on paper. For sale at French Quarter Gallery in New Orleans

  • Coke Loves Baby Jesus

    Men's Room at St Roch Tavern

  • Hannity Heart

    Installation all over town, especially St Claude.

  • Easter Mermaid

    Acrylic and mixed media on recycled kitchen cabinet door. SOLD

  • I'm Melting!

    Available as a mug, poster, sticker Tshirt or original 11x17 mixed media painting on paper.

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  • Sam's Heart was as Big as the World Aint Square

    Acrylic Paint over photo. 11x17. Available for sale at French Quarter Art Gallery

  • Patriut

    In honour of the idiots of Jan 6. This piece is available as a 36x48" mixed media on canvas. It can also be purchased as a tshirt, mug, poster, or sticker or can be downloaded for free to be used for non commercial purposes.

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  • Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town

    11x17" Acrylic and mxed media on Board. Poetry by ee cummings. For sale from private collection of artist

  • Abe, Easter and the Mermaid of Liberty

    Available as a signed print at French Quarter Gallery

  • Abstract 41

    36x18 Acrylic on sculpted foam set in cypress frame. SOLD

  • Ike's Warning

    Available as Tshirt, mug, or poster/print

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  • Hate Sells Ads

    Available as painted poster at French Quarter Gallery

  • Anger Management

    Acrylic on board snapped in half then kinda fixed. Collaboration between Walta and the woman he has pissed off the most.

    Not for sale

  • Mucus Kitty

    Cute cat - Gross words. Available as Tshirt, mug, poster or Tote Bag. Makes the perfect passive-aggresive gift for that squeamish kitty-loving frenemy in your life.

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Walta uses all online profits to buy cigarettes for the people who live under the overpass.


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